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In Madhya Pradesh, the decision to give government jobs only to local people, Omar Abdullah raised questions

The India Print 2020-08-19 10:46:45

Srinagar. National Conference leader Omar Abdullah questioned the different scale of jobs in different regions of India in view of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan 's announcement that government jobs in Madhya Pradesh should be reserved for locals only . In a tweet, Abdullah said that jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are for everyone, but jobs in Madhya Pradesh are only for the people of the state. He said that there is 'nothing surprising there'. Commenting on the issue, Iltija Mufti, daughter of PDP president Mehbooba Mufti, said that states like Nagaland and Madhya Pradesh are moving towards' semi-autonomous status' only for the rights of the local people, but from Jammu and Kashmir 'constitutionally These rights were taken away because it is 'Muslim majority'. 

Iltija wrote it on her mother's tweeter handle. Since last year when Mehbooba Mufti was detained, she has been running this account. The tweet said, "BJP has no place for minorities in India and Jinnah's two-nation theory is proving right." Earlier in the day, Chauhan had said that only local people in Madhya Pradesh Necessary legal provisions will be made to ensure that the government gets a job. He also said that the resources of the state are for the people of the state.