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Probe ordered for Bodies of COVID-19 victims dumped in large pit

CrossTown News 2020-06-30 18:59:35

Probe Ordered For Bodies Of COVID-19 Victims Dumped In Large Pit

30 June, 2020, By Cross Town News

Bellary, June 30: Videos showing health workers dumping dead bodies of 8 COVID-19 victims in a large pit in the outskirts of Bellary in Karnataka has come to fore triggering public outrage.

The videos show health workers burying inappropriately some bodies of COVID-19 victims in a large pit allegedly in Bellari district in Karnataka.

Advertisement Powered By PLAYSTREAM In the video, the health workers wearing personal protection equipment are seen bringing bodies in black sheets from a vehicle parked nearby and dropping one after another into the large pit, dug up with the help of an earthmover.

An inquiry has been ordered in connection by DC Bellary with the incident. 

ADC have assigned to inquire about the issue.