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Do you know there is one country in which prisoners dig their own graves

Naukri Nama 2020-02-19 18:25:50

Often we hear that the prisoners in Jails are tortured very badly but do you know there is a country in which prisoners dig their own graves? Yes, it is absolutely true prisoners in North Korea are treated very badly, they are forced to do work here for whole day, they stay in very small cells, rats and frogs are given to them to eat and apart from this the prisoners are beaten regularly and forced to do work for more than 12 hours.

They are forced to dig their own graves as well as also raped in the name of punishment and even some prisoners suddenly disappear from the jail and no one knows about them. Also, after getting free from jails some prisoners went into coma as they are not able to handle the torture and it has a very bad effect on their mind, soul, and heart. It is also believed that there are some prisoners who have not committed any crime but still they are imprisoned and mostly the prisoners are foreigners or Americans and as well as very poor. They are also not aware of outside world and they cannot even contact their family members.