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Things to know about a bullet proof vest

Dekh News 2020-02-19 13:41:03

Bullet proof vests are manufactured to protect the wearer’s vital organs from injury caused by firearm projectiles. It is designed to decrease the chances of being injured or dead from around that is coming at high rates of speed. However, the vests provide protection for the threat level they are designed to withstand only.  So it must for the wearer that he or she assess the threat so that you can make sure that you are wearing the right level of protection.

1. A bulletproof vest is actually not “bullet proof”

A bulletproof vest is not bulletproof it is bullet “resistant”. There is no surety that a bulletproof vest stops all kinds of bullets that are fired against a vest. Also, there might be a chance of death due to blunt force trauma from the bullet or back face signature. It is nothing that is 100% bulletproof but it is bullet-resistant.

As in the extreme case, the vest can be penetrated by the bullet if you’re unlucky or the vest is not as per required threat protection.

2. How the bullet proof vest stops a bullet?

Bulletproof Body Armor are made with layers of bulletproof fibers or Aramid. It is comprised of strong non-woven or woven aramid fibers. These layers made into vest or panel stop a bullet by turning and slowing down the energy through the whole panel.

The velocity of the bullet also plays an important role, the lesser the speed of the bullet; the less blunt trauma the shot will create. Therefore, a high-velocity bullet will be able to penetrate the bulletproof vest. For example, a bullet fired from AK47 will be able to penetrate a bulletproof vest that offers protection for IIIA, 9mm.

3. Every bullet is disastrous

A bulletproof vest is not able to stop a bullet 100% every time. The force of the shot can also knock you comatose or at worst can take your life.

As per NIJ standard 0101.06, a bulletproof vest should have a backface signature that is below 44 mm. This is to secure that bulletproof vest wearer can survive the impact of the bullet.

4. Bulletproof vest life span

Mostly manufacturer offers 5 years warranty on bulletproof vests because as per National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards that vest has to work for minimum 5 years.  A vest that is being used every day or week will lose its durability faster than a vest that is often used.

You should always follow the usage guidelines of the bulletproof vest which body armour manufacturer has provided.


For the officers who wear a bulletproof vest for long day/night, it is always recommended that after donning off your vest you should take your bulletproof inserts out of the bulletproof vest. This is not only to take care of the bulletproof plates but also to check if the bulletproof plates have taken any damage or scratch. Also to avoid moisture as it affects the durability of the vest.

6. How to Place vest, not in use

The bulletproof vest or inserts cannot be bent or folded in any way over a long period. This will lose its durability and make it less effective.

Place your vest in a closet or a flat place that is not exposed to the sun. Also avoid exposure to moisture, sweat, and water.

7. Have multiple carriers if need to wear daily

For those who wear a vest on a daily basis, it is recommended that you keep more carriers to switch between as it helps to avoid sweat moist and enhance the durability of the carrier. Once the bulletproof vest starts losing its durability, it will not give you the right fit and right protection.

8. If you lose or gain weight, time to change Bulletproof vest

A too large or too small vest will not hold in the long run and it will be less convenient to the wearer. A bulletproof vest should be snug fit, neither too small nor large. It is a must to choose the vest with the right size.

9. A bulletproof vest can save you in a traffic accident too.

Yes, it can!  Because the fibers used to make a vest can withstand more than shots. As the bulletproof vest dissipates the energy of the bullet and slow down its impact likewise in a car crash, your vest could save your life as they are capable to mitigate the blunt trauma to some extent.  It can prevent scratches, bruises or any injury from sharp things that can be deadly in an accident.

10. Test as per NIJ

It is the very must point to consider while purchasing the bulletproof vest. The buyer should make sure that it coheres to the genuine protection levels and also must adhere to strict standards as per NIJ.  Because this can literally mean the difference between life and death.

With the help of these standards, one can check what threats level of the bulletproof vest provides or against which threat level it will protect.

Make sure to carefully consider above when purchasing a bulletproof vest that will protect you in whatever situation you may encounter.