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Can you imagine this woman lost her ring 47 years ago & found in this condition

Naukri Nama 2020-02-19 13:06:12

We often feel depressed when we lost our precious jewelry or any other thing which was very close to our hearts and if we found back the thing then our happiness has no limit. Something similar has happened to a woman in the US. Her lost ring is found in the forest of Finland after almost 47 years.

This ring of 63-year-old Debra McKenna who lives Brunswick in the US went missing in 1973 and Debra said that the ring belongs to her husband Shan. Shan use to wear this ring when they both started dating each other during college days but he gave it to Debra when he left college.

Recently a worker Mark Sarinen was working with the help of dictator at Karina Park, located in the Southwestern region of Finland and found this ring buried in 20cm ground. Mark was very happy to see this ring and he found that the school of Morse 1973 was inscribed on this ring and based on this when the School of Alumni Association was contacted it was revealed that the ring was of Shan after this ring was mailed to Shan’s address.

Shaan’s wife Debra McKenna was surprised to see this ring after 47 years and Debra said that I had no hope that I will get this ring back.