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Here's why doctors wear green clothes during operation

News Track 2019-08-25 03:58:00

Doctors have their own attire. The doctor's white coat shows him different from all. At the same time, doctors are sometimes seen in green clothes that they wear in the hospital itself. There is also reason why doctors use green during the operation, which you may not know. We're going to tell you this today.

Doctors started wearing green clothes at the time of surgery because it relaxes the eyes. Often it happens that whenever we start seeing a single color constantly, we feel a strange feeling of fatigue in our eyes. According to the scientist, the biological formation of our eyes is such that it can see basically red, green and blue. The other millions of colours made from a mixture of these colours can also be recognised by human eyes. But compared to all these colors our eyes can see green or blue colors at best.

The green or blue color does not prick our eyes as red and yellow as the eyes are pricked. That's why green and blue are considered good for the eyes. That's why from curtains to staff clothes are either green or blue.