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Auto Sector Will improve with Recent Reforms, Know when the 'Good Days' Will Come!

News Track 2019-08-24 12:36:00

On Friday, PM Narendra Modi-led Modi 2.0 made big announcements to put the auto sector on track. Announcing the price for the sector, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman said the measures will bring good days for the auto sector soon. The Modi government will lift the ban under which government departments cannot buy new vehicles for the time being. The sluggish demand for the auto sector is expected to get a strong boost from the government's move. Let us know the full details

For your information, the auto sector has been experiencing heavy sluggishness for the past few months. The main reasons for this are the huge shortfall in demand and confusion among the auto sector as well as the government policies. Addressing a press conference on the matter, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that by March 2020, the registration of bs-4 based vehicles will be valid for the entire period. That has led to the clouding of Confucianism engulfing BS-4 based vehicles. It was believed that driving BS-4 based vehicles would be illegal after 2020, followed by BS-6 based vehicles.

In a statement to boost the demand for the auto sector, Finance Minister Sitharaman said the government will roll back proposals to increase vehicle registration fees. This will give relief to customers who buy vehicles, as they will now have to pay less for registration. In addition, Sitharaman said the government department will now buy new vehicles instead of old vehicles. It will also boost the demand for the auto sector. The government is going to encourage many government departments for this.