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CNN’s Jim Acosta mocked for accidentally proving that border walls work

News Summed Up 2019-01-10 05:30:00

CNN’s Jim Acosta was mocked across social media on Thursday for posting a video that was meant to downplay President Trump's claims of a border crisis -- but ended up supporting his argument that border barriers improve security. “Here are some of the steel slats that the president’s been talking about,” Acosta said while reporting from the southern border. While Acosta often clashes with the president and his aides, pundits suggested he did the president a favor this time. Earlier this week, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway scolded Acosta during a press gaggle, referring to him as a "smarta--" unliked by other reporters. During the now-infamous moment, Acosta refused to pass the microphone to a female White House aide.