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Most unsafe car of the year: THIS car scored a shocking zero-star Euro NCAP rating

Fadu News 2018-12-05 22:21:35

Fiat Panda 2018 because just the second car to receive a zero-star rating (Image: PH)

The Fiat Panda is officially the most unsafe car of 2018 after it scored a zero-star Euro NCAP rating.

It is only the second car ever to handed a zero-star Euro NCAP rating, with the other car being the Fiat Punto 2017.

The 2018 version of the car has been given one of the lowest ratings since tests began.

It failed to achieve more than 50 per cent in any of the four key tests that the safety organisation puts a car through.

Perhaps most concerning about the zero-star rating was the Fiat Panda’s Child Occupant Protection scored just 16 per cent.

This falls disgustingly short of the 79 per cent average score and is the lowest ever rating a car has received for this test

Another one of the most disappointing premiers this month was the Jeep Wrangler which scored a one-star rating, making it the third worst Euro NCAP score of all time.

Matthew Avery, Director of Research, Thatcham Research comments, “Most troubling is that the FIAT Panda is seen as a good choice for young drivers and fledgling families.

Fiat Panda 2018 zero star Euro NCAP safety rating (Image: PH)
Fiat Panda 2018 zero star Euro NCAP safety rating (Image: PH)
Fiat Panda 2018 zero star Euro NCAP safety rating (Image: PH)

“But the only safety technology fitted were seatbelt reminders and the rear system failed to meet requirements, so wasn’t even rated. Where budgetsare tight considera safer small car second-hand, like the five-star SEAT Ibiza.

“Carmakers across all categories have responded positively to the more exacting tests brought in by Euro NCAP this year, especially those that assess crash avoidance technology.

“As the bare minimum, a standard-fit Autonomous Emergency Braking system should be available with the FIAT Panda.

“This is especially important since the car offers so little protection in the event of a collision.

“These shocking Euro NCAP test results demonstrate an inconsistent commitment to safety, as FIAT has produced four and five-star cars in the past.”