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Parents sensitised on online risks to wards

Hans India 2018-10-12 01:20:26
Moghalpura: At a time when technological advancements are shaping the world around us, the parents face a difficult time in keeping their children safe from the dangers that the technology brings along with it.
Keeping in view the impact of technology on children, Young People for Life India, an NGO, organised a counselling program for parents having girl children on the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child at the office of Shaheen Women’s Resource and Welfare Association, Sultan Shahi.
During the day-long programme, the parents were given counselling on understanding their children and their state of mind.  
“In view of the recent incidents in the state where parents were directly or indirectly responsible for the death of their daughters, we also invited parents on the occasion and were asked to understand their children and their state of mind. Parents should respect the views of their children and ensure that they share everything with their parents, so that these kinds of incidents do not take place,” said Jameela Nishath, chief functionary and founding member of the NGO.
Jameela said that dignity was important and violence should be condemned. The girls should not hesitate to inform, she said. While welcoming the #MeToo campaign, which encouraged women to open up and inform about their ordeals by overcoming their inhibitions, she said, “Women should be empowered and unless they were not allowed to speak up, they would remain vulnerable.” The #MeToo campaign has provided a platform for women to reveal their sufferings,” she noted.
Besides economic independence, dignity would remain an important aspect in the life of women, Jameela said. However powerful, women could be vulnerable, and so all women have to remain united in their fight against violence, she added.  “Solidarity would provide more muscle for the fight for justice,” she further added. 
About 50 women who completed a six-month certification course (diploma) in computer, tailoring, mehndi, and fabric designing were given certificates on the occasion. Students of Saint Francis College took active part in the programme.  
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