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Time to show Kashmir pseudo-nationalists their rightful place

State Times 2018-10-12 01:06:01


New Delhi did it in the ongoing civic polls in Jammu and Kashmir and time has now come when it should take a call on the misadventure of pseudo-nationalists by calling their bluff.
Dazed over being ignored and sidelined this point of time on the conduct of Urban Local Bodies elections, the Peoples’ Democratic Party and the National Conference have, in sheer desperation, switched over to their favourite game of running with hare and hunting with hounds. Bullying and blackmailing New Delhi has worked and earned concessions so far. Should it continue unabated?
This is a question that needs introspection by both, the Centre and the two so-called mainstream political outfits of Kashmir.
First, the PDP and the NC should understand that they are no more regional parties. Their stature has dwarfed to sub-regional entities with whatever little base they enjoy, remaining confined to the Valley from Qazigund to Uri only. This has been proven during the ongoing civic elections with entire Jammu and Ladakh regions participating vehemently, ignoring their boycott.
Secondly, the Centre too should revisit the efficacy of these two so-called mainstream parties, which are sharing the power in turns notwithstanding zero support in the Valley. They get glued to power by deceit-befooling the Centre on fake promises of getting terrorists and separatists on negotiating table to end the Kashmir strife. Nothing has been done during the past three decades and nothing of the like is going to happen in future too because they are neither committed to what they say nor capable of doing so due to lack of base.
The ugly face of those ruling the State till the other day was exposed in the aftermath of killing of a so-called ‘scholar’ terrorist in north Kashmir. Former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti described his death a big loss because the terrorist had abandoned his PhD in Aligarh Muslim University and joined terror ranks in Kashmir.
Mehbooba Mufti wrote on her twitter, “Today a PhD scholar chose death over life & was killed in an encounter. His death is entirely our loss as we are losing young educated boys everyday.” She went on saying, “It is high time that all the political parties in the country realise the gravity of this situation and try to facilitate a solution through dialogue with all the stake holders including Pakistan to end this bloodshed.”
In a way, Mehbooba Mufti is eulogizing and acknowledging the terrorist for choosing death over life and if so, why doesn’t she surrender her perks and security for the so-called cause of Kashmir people?
This being the mindset of a person holding constitutional position of a Chief Minister and heading the Unified Command, the highest security grid body set up to counter the Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, one can imagine the role she must have played for over three years. This is the period which has brought the Valley back to 1990 situation.
While asking the political parties across the country to realise the gravity of situation in Kashmir, the former Chief Minister must do a little bit of introspection too to find out why the assassinated terrorist took to gun despite pursuing doctorate in a reputed university of the country. Once doing so, she will understand that it is because of the murkier politics being pursued by the so-called mainstream that youth in Kashmir are drawn towards terrorism besides getting alienated and motivated to radicalism.
The Kashmir youth have been desperately watching mainstream politicians having best of both the worlds by exploiting people in the Valley and bullying the Centre. The former Chief Minister is now feeling pain for the slain terrorist because she is out of power but when in power she conveniently justified the deaths of stone-pelters after the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani in 2016 by taunting that they were not on the streets to buy toffees, inferring they (stone pelters) called for the bullets.
The mainstream politicians of the Valley have mastered themselves in blackmailing New Delhi time and again. Had the Centre succumbed to their bullying tactics, the current civic polls would have since been abandoned and deferred. Now that the polls are underway, these politicians are seeking to retrieve their lost space by shedding crocodile tears over the well deserved killing of terrorists.
The Centre should take a call. New Delhi should not allow the mainstream politicians get away with what they say. The least it (New Delhi) can do is to ask pampered Kashmiri politicians publicly which side they are. If they chose to be on the other side, they have no right over the concessions and security they enjoy at the cost of poor Indian tax payers hard earned money.
It is time for New Delhi to show the pseudo nationalists the place they actually deserve. They are inching towards the separatists’ camp. Let them embrace and join them. It can, at least, relieve the Centre of the huge burden on account of their security cover, which is needed to be stripped off forthwith.