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India concerned over proposed changes to formula for dividing UN peacekeeping bill

Pioneer 2018-10-12 00:00:00

With the US and the EU proposing significant changes to tally each UN member state’s share of peacekeeping financing, India has expressed concern over such efforts to introduce the element of maximum ceiling in paying for peacekeeping budgets.

During a session of the General Assembly’s Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary), the representatives of the US and the European Union proposed significant changes to the way in which each Member State’s share of peacekeeping financing is tallied up.

Setting out her government’s position, the representative of the United States — which accounts for 28.47 per cent of the USD 6.7 billion peacekeeping budget for 2018/19 — said no other international organisation depends on one country for more than one quarter of its assessed resources. India expressed concern at the efforts by delegations to introduce the element of maximum ceiling in the peacekeeping scale.

“The peacekeeping scale must continue to clearly reflect the special responsibilities of the permanent members of the Security Council for the maintenance of peace and security. The current system of discounts applied to the peacekeeping scale for developing countries based on low per capita income must continue,” First Secretary in The Permanent Mission of India to the UN Mahesh Kumar said at the session Wednesday.