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Goddess Ammavaru appears as Santhana Lakshmi

Hans India 2018-10-11 23:28:43
 Bhadrachalam: Goddess Lakshmi Ammavaru appeared as the Santhana Lakshmi Alamkaram as part of various alamkaram on Thursday. On account of the Dasara festival, celebrations have been organised at the Lord Rama temple since Wednesday. 
A special Kumkama puja was conducted which was also participated by a large number of devotees gathered here from different places. Particularly, the women devotees participated in various rituals and offered prayers on the occasion.   
Meanwhile, Lord Rama Nithyakalyanam was conducted here at Beda Mandapam.  Several couple devotees attended the programme.  A special pujas was also conducted to Godess Lakshmi Ammavaru as part of celebrations.
The temple officials organized special queues to facilitate the darshan of Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxmana in the main temple. Due to the festival holidays, the temple witnessed a huge gathering of devotees on Thursday. 
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