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Today I Love Steady Progress

PsychCentral 2018-10-11 18:16:26
Leaves plotting plots

Today I love steady progress that moves me forward in life, though to be honest I’m not seeking life’s destination, just enjoying the journey and progress is most assuredly a positive part of that. I love the wild wind that has swept across the bay and brought with it an end to the heat and humidity that hampered my breathing for the last couple of days. I love that yesterday was so warm and summer like, but I’m ready for a change now and autumn is the perfect place to start. I love that the fallen leaves are starting to gather in corners and make there little plans and when they do decide on action that they take off in a flock together like starlings, skittering across the road, turning up some driveway, racing across the front of a garage door and wrapping around onto a front walk only to stop and gather and make more plans for their next dash … maybe back the way they came? I love the laughter of children playing as they make their way to school. I love that there are some solitary figures that kick through the leaves, looking down, pondering dilemmas and problems and eventually, hopefully, finding the solutions they need to find.

Today I love that last night we made it home in time and managed to get to the curling club to remind our minds and bodies of the feeling of shooting out of the hack and easing a stone out of our hand and watching the lines and sweeping and gauging and calling and then … accepting what happened and regrouping and making new plans. I love that we each through sixteen stones in under an hour and that was a pretty intense practice session. I love that there will be curling on Friday nights for the next few months and curling on TV as well.

Today I love the racing wind that, along with helping out the leaves in their plans to travel, are pushing the clouds north at a very steady and quick pace. I love the steady flow of backpacks marching up the street to the school, each one pushing from behind, propelling a sometimes reluctant student to another day of expanding horizons. I love the dark and easy day of soft light that lets my eyes rest up from yesterdays often steady glare. I love that I have only a week of antibiotics to go … yay ME!

Today I love coffee on the Thursday front porch office with the leaves passing by one way and the clouds marching past the other, how does the wind do that?

Today I Love Steady Progress