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18 more, it would have been a historic win

Fadu News 2018-10-10 03:29:48

Having become the first transgender to contest in a college union election under the University of Kerala, Nathira considers herself a winner despite the 18-vote shortage that stole away a historic win from her.

The third-year journalism student at the AJ College of Science and Technology in Thonnakkal has been a trailblazer for the LGBTQI community, ever since she became the first person among them to enrol for the course under the varsity. She entered another uncharted territory when the college unit of the CPI feeder organisation All India Students Federation (AISF) nominated her to contest for the post of general secretary in the college union. However, she suffered a narrow defeat while the Students Federation of India (SFI) ensured a clean sweep at the elections by winning all the 14 union posts. “It’s a proud moment for me, having managed to win the support of around 240 college mates. My achievement will embolden me to work for the goals in life. There is much to look forward to for those like me with many beginning to accept us,” Nathira said.

Away from home

Nathira (or Najeeb as she was earlier known), from Kowdiar, was forced to leave home in 2015 ever since she had made known her intentions to lead the life of a woman. The LGBTQI community in the State capital has been a great source of support for her ever since.

The transperson, who is also a social worker, hopes to become a visual journalist after completing her course. She also harbours a wish to join the CPI and serve society in whatever manner possible. She, however, does not intend to restrict her efforts for the benefit of her community alone. “I will dedicate myself for the needs of society as a whole and not for a particular cross section or gender. Only this way can we truly become an integral part of society,” she said.

Nathira was a recipient of the trans scholarship instituted by the State government. She is also a director board member of Queerythm, a community-based organisation working for the rights of gender and sexual minorities.