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Kurt Angle-WWE Raw-World Cup Tournament-crown jewel

sportzwiki 2018-10-09 13:26:35

Things heated up to the biggest extent on last night’s WWE Raw. We have seen multiple names coming back onboard to hype up the upcoming PPV events. One of them turned out to be none other than the original general manager of WWE Raw, Kurt Angle. We have received previous updates regarding his return during Super Show Down event.

But it looks like the creative team thought it’d appropriate to bring him back on WWE Raw. He went straight to enter the Crown Jewel PPV i.e. the first-ever World Cup tournament announced on the show. This happened on the show in a dramatic way making the Chicago edition one of the best of this year. It should help to pull off good ratings for the flagship show once reports are out.

The acting general manager of WWE Raw, Baron Corbin announced that tag team battle royal will take place on WWE Raw determining the first participant of World Cup tournament at the Crown Jewel PPV event. Surprisingly, the battle royal did not feature any of the relevant names from the roster. Rather, Corbin inserted himself in the battle royal against some of the jobbers.

The full line-up stands like this, Baron Corbin vs. Gregor “The Sickle” vs. The Sultan of Shawarma vs. El Hombre sin Nombre vs. The Squeezer vs. The Chilean Sea Bass vs. Winston von Vorhees vs. The Belgian Waffler vs. The Conquistador vs. Thunder Montgomery. Definitely, this increased the chance of Baron Corbin to win the match and go on to Crown Jewel.

But The Conquistador hit three German Suplexes on Corbin before hitting an Angle Slam to him. He went on to eliminate the acting GM from the ring to win the match. He completed dancing inside the ring before taking off his mask. It was none other than Kurt Angle standing inside the ring. The crowd was more than happy to see him back on WWE Raw except for Corbin who was irate.

With that being said, Kurt Angle is the first name to qualify for World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel. John Cena is the other name who also entered the PPV event just because of his legacy of being a 16-time world champion. The series will feature eight superstars (4 from Raw and 4 from Smackdown Live). We will get to know more names of the World Cup tournament in due course.