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Nobel winner commits prize money to end sex crimes

Eenadu India 2018-10-08 23:35:00

Nobel Peace prize co-winner Nadia Murad

Washington: Nobel Peace prize co-winner Nadia Murad of Iraq says she will commit 100 percent of her prize money "to the goals and the work that we are doing currently and that we will do in the future" to end sexual violence in war.

But she also said the prize money alone was not enough to put an end to the persecution her fellow Yazidis have faced at the hands of the Islamic State group.

Murad spoke at the National Press Club in Washington on Monday.

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The 25-year-old advocate for victims of sexual violence stressed the importance of support from the international community.

"We need an international effort. With the help of institutions and participation of women and youth and participation of the victims themselves to bring back life to regions destroyed by war," she said.

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