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Sexual Assault Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh are 'Hoax': US President Donald Trump

Latestly 2018-10-08 22:12:00

File image of U.S. President Donald Trump | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Washington, October 8: United States President Donald Trump, who is set to host a ceremonial dinner for the newly appointed Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh tonight, said the allegations of sexual assault levelled against him are "hoax".

Calling it a ploy of the Democrats, Trump told the reporters at the White House that the accusations "were all made up". The President further claimed that the Opposition would use the "fabricated charges" as a poll plank moving into the US midterm elections. Judge Brett Kavanaugh Elevated to US Supreme Court, Protests Continue Despite Confirmation.

Kavanaugh, a judge in the District of Columbia, was recommended for elevation to the  Supreme Court by the Trump administration in the past month.

His ascent was, however, opposed by a slew of activists and a section of the Democrats, citing the allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him by several women.

Among the complainants, include California professor Christine Blasey Ford, whose allegations were once termed as "credible" by President Trump. Ford had alleged that Kavanaugh once attempted to force himself upon her during a party.

The obstacles in Kavanaugh's elevation was cleared when the US Congress, on Saturday, voted 50-48 in favour of his appointment to the Supreme Court.

The controversy around the 53-year-old's appointment is unlikely to end soon. New York Senator Chuck Schumer said this is a "wake-up call" for America to rectify the electoral mistake made in the presidential elections.

Notably, the US mid-term Congressional polls slated for November 6, are considered to be key in Trump's agenda to gain sweeping powers in governance.