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Study Says Eating All Your Food Within 10-Hours Boost Metabolic Health

Sentinel 2018-09-14 18:40:12

Maintaining a simple lifestyle like eating all food within 10 hours can restore balance, hold back metabolic diseases and good health. A study conducted by an Indian-origin says. The study was conducted over mice that suggest that the health problems associated with disturbance to animals’ 24-hour rhythms of activity and rest — which in humans is linked to eating for most of the day or doing shift work may be corrected by eating all calories within a 10-hour window.

The findings of the study showed that health problems associated with disruptions to animals’ 24-hour rhythms of activity and rest — which in humans is linked to eating for most of the day or doing shift work — can be tweaked by eating all your day’s calories within a 10-hour window.

However, the study shows that feeding on all your food within 10 several hours can support stave off metabolic ailments and restore good health. As mentioned earlier, the analyze that appeared in the journal Mobile Metabolism was done over mice.

Satchidananda Panda, Professor at the Salk Institute that maximum people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning and ends with heavy dinner or for some it ends with a bedtime snack 14 or 15 hours later. Panda further said that But restricting to food intake to 10 hours a day and fasting for the rest of day; can lead to better health; regardless of our biological clock.

Our body has its cycle as well as its own clock which is also the circadian clock. It is the circadian rhythm that tells our bodies when to sleep, rise, and eat.

While analyzing on the topic the researchers emphasised that the circadian strikes a balance between sufficient nutrition during the fed state and necessary innovation during fasting. It happens when the internal clock is hampered for any reason and it may occur due to shifting of work or when it is compromised due to genetic defects, the balance breaks down and diseases set in.

In order to conduct the research, the experts also disabled the genes responsible for maintaining the biological clock in mice, including in the liver, that regulates different metabolic functions.

They put the mice on one of two high-fat diet regimes:

  • one group had access to food around the clock
  • one had access to the same number of calories only during a 10-hour window

Interestingly the findings revealed that the group that could eat at any time became obese and apparently developed metabolic diseases. On the other hand, the group that ate the same number of calories within a 10-hour window remained lean and healthy. In spite of the fact that they do not have an internal “biological clock” and thereby genetically programmed to be morbidly sick.

Panda said that many of us may have one or more disease-causing defective genes that make us feel helpless and destined to be sick. The finding that a good lifestyle can beat the bad effects of defective genes opens new hope to stay healthy.