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Dave will shift to England after ICC

Telegraph 2018-08-10 04:38:40
David Richardson

London: David 'Dave' Richardson, who steps down as the International Cricket Council (ICC)'s chief executive on conclusion of the 2019 World Cup, will relocate to England before probably returning to native South Africa.

Richardson was South Africa's wicket-keeper when the country came out of isolation, at Eden Gardens, back in November 1991.

"I'd certainly like to spend at least two-three years in England. Two of my three sons, Michael and Jonathan, are in this country and my wife and I wish to be with them...

"I haven't yet identified which part of England, though. That will be done in due course by my wife and I...

"I'll be 59 next month and am in my seventh year as the ICC's chief executive. Add the 10 years that I was its general manager (cricket) and it's 17 years at a stretch...

"Sure, there has to be a shelf life for positions of responsibility," Richardson told The Telegraph at Lord's on Thursday.

Michael, by the way, plays for Durham.

When Richardson joined the ICC it was headquartered in London. Over a decade ago, it moved to Dubai.

"Initially, I had a three-year contract. After that, I've been getting an extension annually. I wanted to leave before the strategic decision-making for the next cycle kicked in...

"It's only fair that my successor is part of that process from the very beginning instead of coming in after it has started," Richardson explained.

Asked if he'd actually been enjoying his innings, Richardson said: "Definitely... Even the challenges."

Plenty has happened during Richardson's tenure as the ICC's chief executive. Enough for a book, surely.