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Who is Brajesh Thakur: The rape accused in Muzaffarpur shelter home case

News X 2018-08-05 14:35:00

The rape accused in Muzaffarpur shelter home case

Recently, a picture of one of the alleged accused in Muzaffarpur shelter home horror surfaced on social media. In the picture, Brajesh Thakur, who owns the non-governmental organisation (NGO) which in turn runs the Muzaffarpur shelter home, was seen smiling as the police booked him following the chargesheet filed by the CBI. Recently, several media reports highlighted that Brajesh had contacts with some of the prominent leaders in Bihar including, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, however, the party denies any of such reports.

According to reports, Thakur owns the Muzaffarpur shelter home, a premise with three building, a printing press and a family home. As the reports of at least 40 girls who were being sexually assaulted in the shelter home in past a few years hit the headlines, the state government decided to shut down the state-run shelter homes and moved all the girls to other shelter homes across the state.

The printing press is Brajesh Thakur’s family business that his father he started around 1982. The family has been printing the Hindi Daily, Pratah Kamal, English daily News Next and Urdu daily Halaat-e-Bihar.

Around 1987, Brajesh Thakur joined his father business and also started an NGO which has been running several organisations. The police have also predicted that he has made over Rs 2.5 lakh in a year. Some reports have been rapidly doing the rounds on social media that claims Thakur’s relationship with Gopalganj district magistrate G Krishnaiah’s lynching accused Anand Mohan. They came to know each other in 2000.

The matter came to light after Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) conducted an inspection of several shelter homes running in Bihar. In a report to the state government, it was alleged that the rape of inmates was taking place in the state-run home shelters. 

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