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The Governor has invited the BJP to form the government, gave 7 days to proove majority.

GOOD VIEWS 24+7 2018-05-17 00:30:44
  • In Karnataka, BJP candidate Yeddyurappa has claimed the formation of the government as the biggest party. Yeddyurappa said this after meeting with Governor Vajubhai Vala. He said that we will prove a majority within 7 days. After Yeddyurappa, Union Minister Anant Hegde also met the Governor.
  • In the calculation of 222 seats, BJP got 106 seats, Congress 77 and JDS 37 seats. To create a government, 112 seats are needed. This means that no party has the absolute majority to form a government. Prior to BJP, Congress has offered JDS to form the government. If 77 seats of Congress and 37 seats of JDS are merged, then this figure is passing the majority.Congress also announced that JDS has accepted its offer.
  • After the beleaguered Karnataka politician, the three big parties have junked their lives. Where Congress and JDS announced the alliance and offered to form the government in collaboration with the Governor. Meanwhile, BJP's CM Cadet Yeddyurappa said that as a big party and getting maximum seats he got an invitation to form the government.
  • On the Karnataka local media, it is said that Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala has given the week's time to prove BJP a majority. Now the Congress Cabinet has reached the governor to offer his government.