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This beautiful actress has played the role of Draupadi in Mahabharata, clicked and read

Rk Technical 2018-05-16 11:28:39

Draupadi's roll is very important in friends Mahabharata. Today, we will learn about actress acting in the role of Draupadi in the Star Plus show Mahabharata.

Pooja Sharma, the actress who plays the role of Dapdaddy in the Mahabharata of Star Plus, is named Pooja. Pooja is a very beautiful actress of 28 years. Pooja was in the Top 10 in Miss India 2006.

Pooja Sharma has done several television shows in addition to Draupadi's role in Mahabharata, in which she has starred in a show like My Love Story and Mahakali.

Pooja Sharma is very much liked by the people in the role of Draupadi and he has also got the award for this role. Pooja is also active on social media.

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