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Priyanka Chopra's rivalry with these 3 actresses

Ultra Articles 2018-05-14 00:52:18

Bollywood is a world where anything can happen. Fighting between two actors, becoming a relationship, breaking relationships, getting married, which has been running for years. Controversy between two actresses is nothing new in Bollywood. In the language of Bollywood, it is called Cat Fight. There is still a cat fight between many accresens. Today we are telling you about Priyanka Chopra's Cat Fights.


1. Katrina Kaif

The fight between these two beautiful actress was done in an award function. In this function, both wanted to be a show-stopper, but Priyanka withdraw her name and called herself a great person for doinig this. Katrina did not like this thing from Priyanka. After that Salman Khan suggest the name of Katrina in place of Priyanka and Katrina was signed for Namaste London. After this incident, Priyanka's fame got bogged down with both Salman and Katrina.


2. Kareena Kapoor

The fight between Kareena and Priyanka is quite old. In 2004, the movie Aitraaz proved to be superficial at the box office and got the full credit of its success to Priyanka Chopra. Kareena did not like this thing and became a wall between them. Priyanka and Kareena don't like to talk to each other even today.


3. Sonam Kapoor

Priyanka and Sonam Kapoor used to be good friends, but due to Ranbir and Priyanka's affair, there was a crack in the friendship of both of them. However, the relationship between them is now normal.


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